Client Testimonials


Charli is an amazing agent, we knew this and appreciated all she has done for our family. However it wasn’t until we moved out of state and had to work with a different agent, that we realized how spoiled we where to have her as our agent. I promise if she’s your agent you will be in the BEST hands truly, she makes other agents seem very unworthy.


“We have sold 4 homes through the years, our past experience has not been very good when it comes to Real Estate agents. They listed our home, and we never heard or saw them again till it was time for them to collect their commission.

We recently decided to list our rental house, we gave a lot of thought to selecting an agent when we decided to call Charli Inman.

Charli has changed our opinion of Real Estate agents.

We had a lot of questions, Charli was always available to address our concerns. If you are looking for a Real Estate agent that will work hard for you, is very knowledgeable, Professional and pays attention to detail. Charli was so enthusiastic. Her communication with you every step of the way was amazing!

Charli made us feel like we were valued clients and also friends. When we decide to purchase a new home in the near future, we will be calling her again.”

Thank you Charli,

John and Arlynn Haile


“I am 80 years young; having lost my husband, this is the first purchase of a home and moving on my own. Last time we moved Bud and our employees (at Lakeshore Construction) did most of everything!!!
I had no idea of the ‘maze’ involved in selling and buying a home.
Charli has taken me by the hand and led me thru this with a smile on her face and energy unbelievable. Obviously she will receive commissions but she has gone WAY beyond the call of duty in leading me!!
I don’t really know to whom this should be addressed… I guess whomever gives out the bright and shining stars at Windermere!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Virginia McDonald

Selling your home or purchasing a home can be a very stressful and emotional time.  I have sold a few homes in my lifetime and worked with different agents.

If you live in the CDA, area, or surrounding communities of Athol, Rathdrum, Spirit Lake, etc, I highly recommend Charli Inman, one of the” Inman Girls”.

Sandra Sammons

Charli is an amazing agent & business person she has not only sold our home, but has helped us with the process of buying our new family home. Her great commitment to her clients is awesome. She will work hard to make sure you not only sell your home, but find a new one that will fit your personal needs as a buyer. Charli’s always prepared when she list’s or shows a home, with any information that will help you to make an informed decision.

Jenni Danley

“Charli had the experience, knowledge, enthusiasm and credentials that we felt would ‘get the job done’! She was confident, yet always courteous…..When we had agreed upon a sales price, Charli was quick to attend to every detail that would help to get our property SOLD!……Our only regret  is that we’ve moved out of state and are unable to use  her as our buyer’s agent as well”

Mr. and Mrs. Prince


Charli Inman has made me a believer in real estate agents. I have long been a skeptic of real estate agents……Frankly, I thought I was the only person she was dealing with as she was personable, direct and very responsive……….Her advice is excellent, and while I sometimes did not take it, I later learned the value of listening to her wisdom and to trust her. …….If you are looking for a real estate agent that will work hard for you, be fully trustworthy, highly knowledgeable and a new friend, Charli is the agent you’re looking for.”

Keith Dixon


“ I knew Charli from a recommendation of a friend……….however, it wasn’t until mid-way through the home seeking process that I really realized just how good she is at knowing her client.  Being a single mom…..….and buying a home for the first time, I was extremely stressed out. I almost made an offer on a home just so I could take advantage of a tax credit that was expiring. ….Charli stopped me and said ‘Is this the home you really want?’ She knew better than I did that the house was not for me…….I strongly recommend Charli Inman to any person seeking to buy or sell real estate”

Nancy Shepherd


“Are you looking for a REALTOR®? Well, I’m not, I found Charli Inman! I was impressed with Charli’s interest in making sure that everything happened in a timely manner, and was done the right way.

…..I’ve never met anyone who’s so enthusiastic, yet able to work in such meticulous manner.  I’m not sure whether our next real estate need will be for purchase or sale. However, I do know that we’ll have Charli there, representing us. “

Mike Livingston


“Charli is an expert in what she does.  She stays attuned to the market, which puts her clients in the most competitive position possible.  She is a savvy “networker”, and has deep relationships in the community which she leverages to drive traffic to their clients’ available properties.  She is ultra-organized, and come to every meeting and discussion prepared.

Luke and Amber Wolfe


Charli gets things done!  She was extremely easy to work with.  We appreciated the instant feedback from showings, the energetic way she made sure our home was positively represented.  She answered all our questions in a timely matter and if she didn’t know the answer right away she sure found quickly.

Robert and Jennifer Rohlmeier