Mike Livingston

February, 2009


Are you looking for a Realtor?  Well, I'm not; I found Charli Inman!  Charli is the most competent and enthusiastic Realtor that I've ever worked with.  She's a professional who possesses the knowledge and experience to influence the direction of a transaction, to her client's benefit.  I know this, as Charli has worked in both capacities for my family; selling and buying our homes.

I first met Charli when I was attempting to sell our home, "by owner".  Like many other Realtors, she cam along and offered her services.  However, Charli stood-out from others. She presented herself in a pleasing way; not too pushy, and with enough confidence that I knew that we would be in good hands.  Eventually, I cam to the conclusion that we needed a Realtor; Charli too the time to listen to our perspective, and understand what was of importance, and what wasn't.  Then, she got to work; she did an awesome job marketing, and showing our home.  It was only a matter of weeks before she found a buyer.  She was diligent in making sure that all of the sales criteria was met, and then schedule the usual home inspection, appraisal, etc.  Charli was instrumental in closing the deal; she monitored progress of all parties, and kept us apprised of progress.  I was impressed with Charli's interest in making sure that everything happened in a timely manner, and was done the right way.

More recently, Charli began searching for a home for us; she has shown us a lot of homes over the months.  We just couldn't find the home that met all of the needs of our family.  Yet, every time we expressed interest in viewing another home, Charli was totally receptive and enthusiastic.  Charli made the home searching process very enjoyable for us.  Finally, we found a home that worked for our family.  To complicate matters though, it was subject to a short sale approval.  Charli set our expectations for a longer than normal close process.  Well, Charli was right; the process did take longer than usual; fortunately, we knew what we were getting into, and we knew we were in good hands.  Charli worked relentlessly with every party on a daily basis to ensure that each party was delivering what they committed to.  There were times that we thought that the deal wouldn't close, but Charli came through with a solution each time; the deal closed.

Charli is an absolute pleasure to work with.  I've never met anyone who's so enthusiastic, yet able to work in such a meticulous manner.  I'm not sure whether our next real estate need with be for a purchase or sale.  However, I do know that we'll have Charli there, representing us.


Mike Livingston