Mr. and Mrs. Prince

March, 2012


Trying to choose a real estate agent can be a daunting task.  There are so many to choose from, and no doubt, many who are very effective at what they do.  However, if you are looking for agent who will surpass your every expectation, we feel confident in recommending Charli Inman.

While having our house on the market by owner for three months, we received solicitations from several Realtors.  While respecting the ambition of each individual, naturally, some stood out above the rest.  Some were "sneaky", some were "pushy and intimidating", while others were nice, helpful, or even friends!  And although friends or "nice and helpful" were attractive, we were interested in finding an agent who had a balance of experience and ambition, with the credentials to back up his or her claims.

Charli Inman had the experience, knowledge, enthusiasm and credentials that we felt would "get the job done!"  She was confident, yet always courteous; asking if she could mail us information or explain what she could offer us as clients.  She touched base with us without being pushy and was always eager and happy to offer us assistance or answer questions, even before we had signed a contract.  And once we did sign with Charli, she was knowledgeable, honest and direct while helping us set a reasonable sales price.  She had done a thou rough market analysis and was very "in tune" with what the market was doing in our specific area.  When we had agreed upon a sales price, Charli was quick to attend to every detail that would help to get our property SOLD!  Signs went up quickly, flyers were made available and advertisements in the Land and Homes and Real-Estate Digest were immediately scheduled.  The property was placed on the MLS and within the week.

As potential buyers came forward, Windermere gave plenty of notice for the showings and Charli followed up on all showings for customer feedback.  She stayed in close contact with us and was always readily available via cell phone or email.

Despite the struggling economy, stiff pricing competition and winter being just around the corner, our property sold after just two months on the market with Charli.  She took us easily and quickly through the process with expertise concerning any special circumstances involving contingencies, addendums or negotiations.  In the end, we felt extremely well advised and pleased with the end result.  Our only regret is that we've moved out of state and are unable to use her as our buyer's agent as well!


Mr. and Mrs. Prince