Luke and Amber Wolfe

April, 2013


It is my true pleasure to be able to share what a fantastic and professional Charli Inman is.  I am in a line of work that requires that my family and I to move frequently, and as a result, we have experienced the gamut of Realtors.  I can say wholeheartedly, Charli, hands down, is the very best Realtor we have done business with to date.

Charli is an expert in what she does.  She stays attuned to the market, which puts her clients in the most competitive position possible.  She is a savvy "networker", and has deep relationships in the community which she leverages to drive traffic to her clients' available properties.  She is ultra-organized, and comes to every meeting and discussion prepared.

Not only is Charli exceptional in her business practices, she is also a hardworking, kindhearted, honest, and loyal individual.  The business of selling a home can be stressful, but Charli manages to make the experiences exciting and positive, every step of the way.  Charli recently sold our home in 14 days, and in this market, I think that speaks for itself.

Give Charli a chance to sell your home, and you will not be disappointed.  I am an eternal "Charli Enthusiast!"


Luke and Amber Wolfe